Useful things to know from a gold plated jewelry manufacturer

Gold plating and gold bathing- two processes are quite similar in their nature, and both have
been used to produce gold color jewelry for a long time. Are gold bathing and gold plating
the same, though? Today we will explore the stuff that you might want to know, but not
many gold plated jewelry manufacturers are willing to tell you.

Recently, various gold plated jewelry manufacturers have used the gold bathing technique in
their products. Gold bathed jewelry is, indeed, have a lower cost than gold plated jewelry.
There are many types of gold bathed jewelry offered in a variety of models. Both gold
bathing and gold plating let gold plated jewelry manufacturers sell gold-like jewelry without
the high cost. Both techniques also involve coating jewelry in gold. The question is, are they
necessarily the same thing?

What is the gold bath?

Bathing a piece in gold is the same process of covering it with a thin layer of gold, but much
less thick than gold plating. And when I say much, I mean many times much less. Gold
plating involves placing a layer of gold of several microns: 3.5.10 microns, while gold
bathing usually has a coverage of just 0.1 – 0.3 microns. That way you get the same final
finish result – a real golden color, but in a much less expensive and straightforward way in
terms of time, material and craft.

Why is plating more durable than a bath?

The most significant difference between a gold plating and gold bathing, as we have seen, is
the thickness of its layer. Logically, the thicker the layer, it will be more durable, and we will
have a higher quality jewel.
This always depends on the gold plated manufacturer, who during the production process,
decides the thickness of the plating or bathing for his pieces. We must look at the plating
composition and evaluate the value for money before we choose to buy them. The bad news
is that as consumers, we don't have a simple way to check if the thickness they tell us is real
or not. In fact, rarely does anyone check it.

And how long does a gold bathing or gold plating last?

It is a good question, and the truth is that it does not have a clear and definitive answer.
Rather it depends on several factors. The truth is that the higher the number of microns, the
more durable the plating will be and for longer, we can have the golden effect. But it will
disappear over time.
If we talk about a plating of several microns, we can make sure that it will last a few long
years while talking about a bathroom of a few tenths of a micron, I think that even the
manufacturer itself cannot give us a guarantee.dvisable not to wet the pieces, whenever it is
possible not to bathe with them and take them on dry and clean skin. They will last longer
and will look beautiful for longer.

I hope I have clarified the most frequent doubts about the plating and that this post will help
you when choosing your next gold-colored jewel.
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