Hello dear readers! This is a continuation from the late article in ‘Get ready for
autumn weddings in the most stylish way.’ series, where we suggest useful tips and
tricks to help, improve your outfit for your friend, family, or any wedding!

The star garment: the dress

Although fashion, increasingly, offers us plenty of alternatives when choosing
a style for a wedding (jacket and pants suits, overalls, skirts, and maxi skirts, etc.),
the dresses are still the star garment for events of this type. You don't have to cut
yourself and stick to a traditional model. Quite the opposite! Take a risk and try all
its versions: short, long, midi, minimalist style, with a tight waist, with a full skirt or
a tube, tight, with the back in the air, bag type. Just don't forget to consider the
type and format of the ceremony, as well as the time of the event.
If you want to bet on a more striking style and wear a printed dress, it is best
to always opt for a fabric with flowers. In addition to providing a distinctive and
original touch, they will give your look a romantic and autumnal feel. One tip: the
flowers, the bigger, the better!
On the contrary, if you prefer a simple and monochromatic model, we insist
give prominence to your accessories. An original headdress or hat and right jewelry
should be enough to look like the perfect guest.

Fabrics for all tastes

As we already anticipated in our post about the trends for the next autumn-winter
fashion, it takes everything when giving prominence to our garments through
textiles: crochet, lace and floral prints are the main protagonists of the upcoming
season. But you can find endless options (monkeys, dresses, maxi skirts, tailor suits)
in different and original fabrics that will be the ones that make a difference and that
also allow you to dazzle in this type of events and celebrations.

The explosion of color against the cold

In addition to the classic black (always acceptable, although it is not the ideal
option for the wedding), the leading fashion brands propose the use of a full range
of colors with which to illuminate the coldest and darkest months of the year —
taking risk with shades such as yellow, green or everlasting (and perfect) red, both
in everyday garments and formal dresses.
Other usual options that should always be a right, for this season are usually
the boiler color, the green bottle, and the burgundy. They are elegant alternatives
and with which you can give a well-deserved welcome to the romantic autumn, why
not, also with a touch of color.

Decorate yourself for a wedding

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